Arctic Ice Company was founded by Jerry and Donna Camenzind in 1966 and operated by the family since its inception. Through the years, Arctic Ice has seen many changes and tremendous growth. Hard work and the utilization of new technologies for greater productivity have been important to their success. Central to this success has always been honesty and a strong commitment to customer service. It is this customer service that will allow them to continue their growth while maintaining a loyal customer base. What began as a side business in the back of a family restaurant has evolved to be not only a major ice plant but also a family legacy. Now with five sons, a grandson and a daughter-in-law in the business, Jerry and Donna have taken family owned and operated past the norm and into a whole new level of success.

In the spring of 1999, Arctic ice moved into their new, state-of-the-art ice plant. At this facility, four Vogt P34AL Tube-Ice machines function with an AIS High-Side refrigeration system to produce approximately 265 tons of ice per day. Ice is transferred to an 85-ton
Keith Walking Floor and then to the packaging system by a custom-designed, fully automated AIS Screw Delivery System. The screw system yields a four station bagging system coupled to three Hamer FFS (Form, Fill and Seal) Machines and a Turbo Automatic Block Press. 

This facility also boasts eight loading docks and two freezers with the combined storage of 1,900 full size pallets of ice. To deliver all this ice, Arctic Ice dispatches 25 full time delivery vehicles. This new state-of-the-art facility has greatly increased their processing and distribution efficiency while giving them the added flexibility to service regional ice companies in times of high ice demand.
This not only ensures the highest quality product, but also minimizes the consumerís cost.


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